The requirements from the end user determines how a roll-forming machine is going to look like. This could be a very simple machine, whereby the rollers needs to be exchanged on the machine. Or in the other extreme, a roll-forming machine whereby -if the products allows it- all the movements fully automatic takes place. We can also offer machines with high speeds, machines with quick exchange cassettes or machines who are in width adjustable, etc.


In the 40 years that Van Otterloo B.V. builds these special machineries, a lot experience has gained , which is used to offer anything that is desirable. Revision from existing roll-forming machines is what we do as well.


Standard; exchange on the machine

 rfm standard_800 

With quick exchange cassettes

 rfm exchange_800 

In width adjustable

 rfm adjust_800 

Full automatic adjustable

 rfm adjust auto 1_800

rfm adjust auto 2_800

rfm adjust auto 3_800